Florist Touch Marketing Guide

A practical guide to help you build your florist

Facebook is a very powerful social networking tool, especially for florists.
1. You need a normal Facebook account, so sign up if you don't have one yet.
2. Once you are signed in, create a 'Page'. Select 'Business or brand', then on category, type in 'Florist' for your florist.

Key goals for Facebook
  • Make sure to update at least once every two weeks
  • Brand it with your logo. Contact us for assistance
  • Add all your details (opening times, website, location, e-mail, bio (description of your florist), telephone etc)
  • Respond to your customers, be social
  • Run offers and promote your website by posting the link
  • Learn from the best. Check to see how No21 Flowers and Driftwood and Daisies manage their presence

Google doesn't know where your florist is located, so you need to tell it. By using your delivery locations - both Google and your customers will find you. Contact us for assistance.

- Adding them in titles makes them more powerful
- Be sure to include both your village/town/county, for example - Southampton is within Hampshire

'Keywords' are absolutely essential

Think about the searches you want to be found for, then make sure they are on your website. Otherwise your website is unlikely to be displayed for customers seeking you.

    Here are some good examples:
  • A florist in Southampton, Hampshire, offering a variety of plants and bouquets
  • Corporate flower service in Hove
  • Wedding flowers in Southampton
  • Flowers Cambridge
  • Flower delivery in Cambridge

You will have used Google places before when searching for restaurants/shops etc. As can be seen above, Google Places displays before the search results, so it's important your florist has a good entry. Contact us for assistance.

To create a Google Places:
1. Create your Google account if you don't have one
2. Then create a Google Places Listing
Contact us if you would like assistance

    You can also enhance your existing Google Places
  • Add good new photos of your shop, items and staff
  • Add a little description about your shop/services
  • Make sure your details are correct (opening times, contact etc)
  • Check the location place marker is correct
  • Make sure you have at least 2 reviews - you can encourage Facebook users to add a review by incentivising, such as a chance to win a gift
  • For a more detailed guide, see Google's own recommendations