Florist Website Features

In one place

You have a till at your shop, but it's not talking to anything else.

Let us introduce you to the Florist Touch App - it includes a full Point of Sale.

On all of your Devices

Available on Phone, iPad, Laptop... and everything else.

Feature Highlights

Till Mode

As part of the package, till mode is the final piece in the puzzle, with the ability to take payment in person or on the phone. Everything works together.

Delivery Driver App

A dedicated app for your delivery drivers. Buyers also receive a photo upon delivery.

Apps for iOS and Android

Everything is on your phone - you can manage, monitor all your orders and enquiries. All via instant push notifications.

Manage on-the-go

Anywhere, anytime, you can monitor your sales in real-time, great for when you have staff at the shop. Check reports, view orders and more.

Sell Anything

We have catered for all items; local bouquets, courier posted, collections, delayed sympathy items, gift cards, up-sells, workshops, weddings, subscriptions.. we have everything covered.

Specialised Delivery

While you can set any price for postcodes, we also have a very advanced custom delivery map, allowing you to draw any shape you wish to deliver to, at a price you set.

Beautiful Large Images

Image is everything with flowers, which is why when you upload an image, they are ultra clear and full screen on your customers phones.

One-Touch Calendar

Sometimes you need to quickly block a delivery day. With our one-touch calendar, you can do so instantly.

Vouchers and Marketing

You can create discount codes, special offers and sync with MailChimp for newsletters. We also send newsletters on behalf automatically for major events like Valentines Day.

Customer Loyalty

For every new order or enquiry, we encourage customers to sign up for an account. This builds up your customer base for long-term sales.

Easy to use Website Editor

A very easy website editor means you can quickly add new text and pictures. We have over a dozen ‘blocks’ to add, such as galleries, Facebook/Instagram, online forms and adding pages a press away.

Site-Wide Notice

When you quickly need to inform customers of an update or change, you can use our handy site-notice to show a subtle notice at the top on every page.

Reliable Support

We are always here to help support you. Whether that’s a quick question or advice. We have support staff ready to help.

Frequent Updates

Every month, we add new features, as requested by you and ones to make your life easier. There’s even a ‘Request feature’ button on the home screen.

Optional Services

If you need extra assistance, we can provide a health check for Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. We can also help with ongoing social media management and photography skills.

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