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We're currently hiring an E-commerce Assistant Designer

Key highlights:
- From £700 to £1,200 a month (depending on skillset) with bonus opportunities
- Ideally a design portfolio showing a strong feminine side due to the nature of floristry
- Ideal for someone already home working 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri
- Must be available between 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri
- Must be confident on the phone
- A variety of roles due to a small but growing business
- Excellent opportunities for bonuses and access to 100s of florists that you can invoice directly for your own services
- You will be the head of onboarding and therefore will see all florists through from start to finish in completing their website
- Ideally familiar with web platforms. Web platforms are like Shopify, wix, weebly, squarespace, wordpress etc


About Us:
We are leaders in providing UK florists an online platform to sell their items and we are quickly expanding.


The role in brief:
We require a technical support assistant with a keen interest in creating websites.


About You:
- You have a keen eye for good design as you have done plenty of graphic design
- Available between 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri
- Comfortable learning our e-commerce platform
- Self motivated and willing to learn the platform. You can do this by our tutorial videos, using the platform and asking the head of support staff any questions you may have
- Confident on the phone



The role in detail:
Due to the nature of small business, we require you to be flexible and enthusiastic about taking on a variety of roles and responsibilities.


Onboarding new florists:
- Guiding the new florists onto the platform and creating their website
- Communicating via phone and email
- Designing their website (no coding knowledge required)
- Adding pictures and text to complete their website
- Setting the website online by setting up the domain
- You'll be fully responsible for all new florist onboards


Supporting existing florists:
- Learning the platform so that you can respond to tickets, these may be questions/issues/guidance/tuition etc
- Passing on information to the developers, if necessary


Receiving calls from new florists:
- During 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri, new florists will occasionally call to ask about the service. You would then explain the service and follow up on any enquiries by phone/email.


- Posting on Facebook and Instagram from time to time to promote the platform
- Talking to new florists who may be interested in the platform
- Proactive in marketing ideas and executing them if possible to promote the platform
- No cold calls


Misc tasks:
- Being proactive by contacting florists to help complete their site
- Occasionally, other work will come about and the more flexible you can be to do them, the better you will suit the role


We require the following key skills:
- Comfortable with graphic design (such as modifying a logo, creating basic logos, comfortable with fonts etc).
- Ideally familiar with web platforms. Web platforms are like Shopify, wix, weebly, squarespace, wordpress etc
- Understanding of Facebook and Instagram so that they can be used for a business use case
- Confident learning an e-commerce platform so queries from florists are answered efficiently
- Patient and willing to learn new skills
- Excellent phone mannerism with clear communication and a positive, optimistic and helpful personality



Please send us just a short email as to why you would fit the role, highlighting relevant skills and experience.
We don't require a long letter, a few short sentences is just fine!


Part-time hours: approx 20 per week, 2-4 hours/day, Mon-Fri

Per annum: £8,400 - £14,400

Per hour: £10 - £14

(Optional) opportunity to do full-time hours in 3-6 months

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